New Century Signs Service: Victoria’s Premiere Grand Format Sign and Print Shop!

Utilizing an HP SCITEX FB500 – the latest in grand format printing technology in Victoria and with printing capabilities creating quality prints up to 1200 x 600 dpi we can proudly say we run the most advanced flatbed printer in Victoria. Our ability to print directly on almost any rigid surface gives us a unique advantage. Since we never have to print to one product, then apply that to another, we use far less materials than traditional digitally printed signs. In fact, while our competition measures their waste output in cubic meters, we’re measuring ours by the milliliter. That means customers only pay for the materials they get, not all the other material it took to make it. More sizzle and less smoke, we like to say.

Our intense, outdoor-ready inks are cured as they print with ultra-violet light. That makes them instantly immune to the damaging effects of harsh sun. Since we’re printing directly to our signs, there is nothing to bubble, tear or lift away. Just pure, vivid colour built from the ground up to incorporate a dynamic, six colour process. Corporate colours represented with crystal accuracy, fleshtones come to life, food and beverages beckon and landscapes promise endless adventure with the outstanding resolution and performance we offer on all our prints. Combine that with our dedication to speedy delivery and the ability to print a full 48″ x 96″ sheet in eleven minutes means New Century Signs Service is your go-to place for affordable, high quality signs and prints for any purpose!